Order Terms & Conditions

These Rental Terms and Conditions govern your rental of products from Stitch and Tie, a subsidiary of Friar Tux Shop, a California corporation ("we" or "us"), and you the customer, ("you" or "your"). By renting from us, you are agreeing to these Rental Terms and Conditions. Before clicking the "I accept" button during order checkout, please read them carefully.


You can rent an item personally or as part of an event. If you are renting as part of an event, the event creator will pre-select all items to be rented and you will receive an e-mail invitation to place your order. To complete your order, you must provide your measurement information and any other information, such as shipping address and payment information, as requested by Stitch and Tie.

To complete your order, you must enter your measurements into the Stitch and Tie ordering system. Sizes input into the system can be obtained through a self-measurement process or obtained from a 3rd party and then entered into the system. Tutorial videos are available to assist you with self-measurement.

Once your order is placed it will arrive approximately 7 days prior to your event date. Orders need to be placed a minimum of 21 days prior to the event date to avoid a rush order fee as described in this document.

The rental fee for all products plus a Garment Handling Fee and any shipping costs will be detailed on the order checkout page of the website. The total amount due for your order must be paid in full at the time of checkout. By submitting your payment information, you authorize Stitch and Tie to charge your payment card or any other payment method for all rental and garment handling fees, plus any extended rental charges or damage charges as outlined in this document that may occur during your rental period.

The mandatory Garment Handling Fee covers minor repairable damage and stains plus the cleaning and inspection of all garments.


You may cancel your order and receive a full refund if the cancellation date is at least 21 days prior to the event date. If the order is cancelled after shipping, credit in the original amount of the order minus a $60 shipping and handling fee will be issued if you contact us within 48 hours of receiving the order, the garments are unused, and are returned via UPS within 72 hours of you receiving the order. Changes to your order may be made up until 21 days prior to your order by calling our Customer Care Center. Changes to orders made after shipping will be accommodated if items are available but may be subject to extra shipping charges.


Your order will arrive at the designated shipping address approximately 7-10 business days prior to your event. Please try on all items to ensure proper fit and report any changes or issues to our Customer Care Center no later than 48 hours after delivery. Requests for replacement items made after 48 hours may result in rush shipping fees at your expense.

For fit issues related to coat, pants, vest, and shirt, we can send a replacement item in a different size or with a length or width change of at least 1" longer or shorter. For shoes, replacement items can be sent for customers needing a full size difference (half sizes not included). For fit issues related to coat sleeve length or pant length, we can authorize a reimbursement of up to $15 at a local tailor. The tailor will need to do a temporary hem adjustment only and may not make any permanent alterations to the garments which would be subject to replacement costs of the garments. A receipt is needed in order to credit you for tailoring costs. All items can be returned together after the event using the provided shipping label and bag, or returned to a store location.

Please note that replacement items will be sent via a shipping service and speed of our choosing unless other arrangements have been made. Typically we ship replacements via normal ground service.

In the event of shipping delays, we will work with the shipper to get your order to you as quickly as possibly but are not responsible for delays caused by weather, mechanical error, inaccurate shipping information, carrier drop-off policies or other reasons out of our control.

Customers inside markets where Friar Tux/Stitch & Tie has storefronts may elect to pick up their rental garments at a store of their choice. Replacement garments may also be sent to a store for pick up if that is more convenient.


Your order must be shipped back from within the continental US via UPS or returned to a store location within 48 hours after your event. For each day after this 48 hour period a $20 per day extended rental fee will be applied. Items not returned within 8 days after the event date will be charged complete replacement value of all items. If your order was shipped to you, a return shipping kit is included with your order that covers a return via UPS in the contiguous United States. Checking this package into the UPS return system within the 48 hour period constitutes an on-time return. If you return your order from outside the continental US, your credit card will be charged for the additional shipping cost incurred.

Upon receipt of the return to our Service Center or store location, all items will be scanned and inspected for damage or stains. Missing and excessively damaged items will be billed at replacement cost. Please remove all personal items from your rented garments prior to return. Stitch & Tie assumes no responsibility for personal items left in garments.


In addition to the rental fees the following fees may be applied to your order as detailed in these terms. In the event you incur any of these additional fees, your payment card or account will be charged without further notice.

  • Late Return Fee: $20 per day
  • Rush Fee on New Orders: $50
  • Rush Fee on Replacements, if request is received greater than 48 hours after original order delivery: exact UPS cost, usually $50-$100
  • Rush Fee Saturday Delivery: exact UPS cost, usually $150-$250

If items are not returned or returned excessively damaged the following fees may be applied.

  • Coat $400
  • Pants $150
  • Vest $100
  • Shoes $75
  • Shirt $50
  • Tie $30


If you dispute the charges assessed for late return, failure to return, or damage return, you must provide a written dispute letter within 10 days setting forth the specific reasons why you should not be charged and provide any visual or documentary evidence to support your dispute. Thereafter the Dispute Letter will be reviewed and a reply provided within 15 days of receipt. Any refund, if warranted, will be credited to the purchase card used to secure the account.


All disputes and claims shall be resolved under California Law and The Superior Court for the State of California, County of Orange shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve such claims.


In no event shall Stitch & Tie or Friar Tux Shop, a California corporation, nor their officers, agents, or employees be liable for consequential or punitive damages. All claims shall be limited to the total value paid for the rental order.