Fit & measurements


Measuring the Chest: With arms lifted, place tape around widest part of the chest, then drop down arms.  Make sure the tape is pulled tightly when taking the measurement.

Measuring the Overarm:  The overarm measurement is just like the chest measurement but includes the arms as well.  With arms down to the sides and place the tape around the widest part of the chest.  Pull the tape tightly when taking the measurement.


Getting your waist measurement: the easiest way to find this is to check the tag in a pair of your own dress pants that fit you well. If you don't have dress pants or want to measure anyway, place a tape measure around the waist just under the belly button and pull the tape snug.

Measuring the hip: place the tape around the fullest part of the seat and pull the tape snug.

Measuring the length/outseam: if you have a pair of dress pants that you like the length of, lay them on a flat surface and place one leg over the other. Start with the tape at the top of the waistband in the middle of the pants and, following the seam, run the tape down the length of the leg until you reach the bottom.

To measure the length on a person have them stand barefoot, with feet next to each other. Start the tape measure at the top of the hip bone where pants are worn on the waist, and pull the tape measure along the side of the leg to the floor right next to their foot. Subtract one inch from this measurement. 


The easiest way to get your shirt size is to check the tag of a long sleeve collared shirts that fits you well.  The smaller number is the neck size and the larger number is the sleeve length.

Measuring the Neck: Place the measuring tape around the base, the widest part, of the neck.  Measure closely around the neck then add half an inch for comfort.

Measuring the Sleeve: With arms at the sides, run the tape from the middle of the base of the neck, over the top of the shoulder and down the length of their arm until you hit the bottom of the wrist bone. Add half an inch to that measurement.

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