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About Stitch & Tie

Stitch & Tie is a unique online rental experience serving suits, tuxedos, and accessories for life’s special events. Stitch & Tie is backed by Friar Tux Shop, a family owned company, that has served customers throughout Southern California for over 4 decades. Stitch & Tie brings this experience by providing sophisticated styling and service with the convenience of ordering from home.

Ordering from Stitch and Tie is easy:

  • Select styles from our website by choosing either suggested curated looks or creating your own custom ensemble.
  • Add your selections to your cart.
  • Enter your measurements. You can use our online guide or have your measurements taken at a Friar Tux Shop or other source.
  • In most cases, your order will arrive 10 or more days in advance of your event. During periods of high demand, a limited number of styles may arrive closer to 7 days before the event.
  • Our Customer Care Center is there to assist you with any needs you may have after receiving your order.
  • After your event, use the return shipping kit included with your order to send it back.
Planning & Selecting Styles

The earlier the better, really as soon as you know the event details, especially if you are coordinating a group. Individual rentals need to be in our system a minimum of 21 days prior to your event to avoid any rush charges.

You bet. The website has a variety of styles to serve many events and themes. Once you have created an account, you can save and name looks for various members of your party. For example, you may set up the groomsmen in a slightly different style than the style you’ve created for the bride/groom. The fathers of the bride/groom can be in their own styles and the ring bearer might wear something different as well. Just name each look and email it to members of your group so that they can place their orders.

Stitch & Tie has a vast collection of accessory colors that were selected by our buyers to match the newest bridesmaid dress colors. If you need assistance with color matching, our Customer Care Center or any Friar Tux Shop stylist are here to help. Keep in mind that we also have some colors and patterns that are not on the Stitch & Tie website but can be ordered, so just give us a call at 888 390-0059 if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Yes, Stitch & Tie is happy to offer an order try-on service for brides and grooms. There is a $40 order fee that can be credited towards the order you place for your wedding (must be for the same person). Try-ons arrive on Tuesdays and must be shipped back by Thursday that week.  We recommend completing your try-on a minimum of 3 months prior to your wedding date. A try-on order includes a coat, pants, shirt, vest and tie.  You may add more items to your try on for an additional fee.  We also offer complimentary fabric swatches to keep if you need to confirm colors or use them for other planning.  If any of the garment sizes in your try-on order need adjustments, our customer care team will note your changes and your final order will reflect those size updates, we do not send a new try on for size refinements.  For details or to schedule this service please call our Customer Care Center at 888 390-0059. If you live in Southern California or Las Vegas, Nevada, you may schedule a free planning and style appointment with a stylist at one of our multiple Friar Tux stores.

Your order will arrive about 7 days prior to the event to wherever you select during checkout. Should you need something replaced and items shipped to a different location just let us know. 

Measurements & Fit

There are several ways for you to obtain your measurements. A friend with a tape measure can take the measurements we need to fit you correctly. Watch our fitting video for easy instructions. If you need a measuring tape just email/call/chat with us and we will be happy to mail you one.

Of course the stylists at any Friar Tux Shop will be happy to assist you with a complete measurement and fitting session. If you are not near a Friar Tux Shop, visiting a local tailor or tux shop is another option.  

Stitch & Tie can fit a very wide range of sizes. In most styles we carry a boy’s coat size 3 up to a 66 Long. This includes styles with both slim fit and modern fit. Our shoes run from a boy’s size 8 to a men’s size 16 wide. Looking to buy your suit/tuxedo and have it custom tailored? Visit for a wide selection of suits and tuxedos at affordable prices.

Please call, chat, or email us with the requested changes and we'll do our best to accomodate you. If it is less than 30 days prior to the event, rush shipping charges may apply. 

We’re committed to great fitting garments. Once you receive your order, try on all the items within 48 hours of receiving them. If anything is not to your liking or you have questions about the fit, call our Customer Care Center at 888-390-0059 and we'll be happy to help.

  • If replacement items are needed, they will be shipped to you free of charge via ground service from our California fulfillment center, so as long as you contact us within 48 hours of delivery of your items. In some cases, you may be able to request faster shipping service at your own expense.  
  • After 48 hours, replacement items may be subject to rush shipping fees, so give us a call early to avoid these charges.
  • If contacting us about replacements via email, photos of you wearing the item(s) needing replacement are helpful. 
  • If your items fit well but you prefer a longer or shorter coat sleeve or pant hem, you can take the garment to a local tailor for a temporary alteration.  Just make sure the person making the alteration does not cut the fabric. With a receipt from the tailor, we’ll credit your order up to $15 to cover the cost of the alteration.  Just email a copy of your receipt along with your name and order number to In addition, any Friar Tux location is available to assist.  Call our Customer Care Center at 888-390-0059 for details. 

Yes, our pants are able to adjust between 2 or 3 waist sizes, for example 33-34-35. We find this to be helpful for comfort and differences in fit and body sizes. Most of our suits have belt loops and belts can go on top of pant adjusters.  However, our pants do not have suspender buttons so if you want to wear suspenders, make sure they have clips, or rent them from us. 


All orders are required to be paid in full at the time of check out. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  If you prefer to visit a showroom to place an order, $20 will be required at fitting.

No, Stich & Tie does not charge tax on any of our rentals and we do not charge a deposit or group booking fee. 

You can have your garments shipped to your home or office and return them to us via UPS for a round trip cost of $14. If you are near a Friar Tux Shop, you can pick up or return your garments to one of the stores free of charge. For a list of locations visit our locations page.  

We don’t like to charge them, but in some cases it is necessary. If you place your order 21 days or less prior to your event date, then a rush shipping charge may be applied to your order. Rush shipping charges vary depending on your location and the amount of time prior to your event so please contact our Customer Care Center at 888-390-0059 for details. 

A small Garment Handling Fee is added to all orders to cover minor repairable damage and stains as well as the cleaning and inspection of all garments. 

Shipping & Returns

Yes, once you have completed your order you can check the status at any time by logging into your account.

If you chose to have your order shipped to you, your order will arrive 10 or more days prior to your event date in most cases. During periods of high demand, select styles may arrive clsoer to 7 days before the event. If you chose to pick up in a store location, your order will be ready 4 or more days prior to your event; please look for a pick up notification email. 

Stitch & Tie uses UPS for all our shipments and returns.

Your order can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States, which excludes Alaska & Hawaii. We do not ship internationally.  In the event of shipping delays, we will work with the shipper to get your order to you as quickly as possibly but are not responsible for delays caused by weather, mechanical error, inaccurate shipping information, carrier drop-off policies or other reasons out of our control.


We will be happy to help accommodate a change. However, a rush shipping fee may be applied to these new items. Rush shipping fees vary depending on your location and the amount of time prior to the event. Original items must be shipped back prior to the event date in order to avoid a rental charge on the second set of items. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 888-390-0059 for details. 

Your order will be shipped with a return kit consisting of a soft shipping bag with a prepaid address label  and return instructions. Just fold the garments into the bag, seal it and take it to a UPS drop point. This can be a UPS dropbox, UPS store, Staples store or Office Depot store. Visit for a location near you. Just do this within 48 hours after your event and you are all set. If you are near a Friar Tux Shop location, feel free to return your order there. Visit our locations page for a list of locations.

If you need to keep the items longer, please call our Customer Care Center at 888-390-0059 and let us know your plans. Depending upon the amount of extra days you need to keep it, extended rental fees may apply. Extended rental fees are $20 per day.

Stitch & Tie is not responsible for any personal items left in any of our clothing or return packaging. For example, if everyone says they left $100,000 in their pocket, we won't be around very long. 

Please double check all your pockets prior to your return. In the event you believe you have left something, please call our Customer Care Center at 888 390-0059 and we'll do our best to track it down.

If you cancel your order 30 days or more prior to your event, a full refund of the rental fee can be issued. If the order is cancelled after shipping, credit in the original amount of the order minus a $60 shipping and handling fee will be issued if you contact us within 48 hours of receiving the order, the garments are unused, and are returned via UPS within 72 hours of you receiving the order. Call the Customer Care Center at 888 390-0059 for details.

Garment Care

After you try everything on, return the items to their hangers and keep them hanging neatly. All garments are professionally prepared and pressed prior to shipping, but some minor wrinkles may occur during shipment. Hanging garments promptly after trying on will allow any minor wrinkles to lessen. Hanging up the items in a bathroom with shower steam can be helpful. If necessary, you can use a steamer to remove minor wrinkles but please do not use a hot iron directly on the garments as it could damage them. If you have questions in this area, please contact our Customer Care Center at 888-390-0059.

Not at all. Upon return to the Stitch & Tie service center, all items are scanned in, inspected and then dry cleaned or laundered using eco-friendly processes.

Your Garment Handling Fee which is part of your rental fee covers minor repairable damage that may have occurred. If the item is deemed to be damaged beyond repair, then a replacement item fee may be billed to your account.

  • If your order is received with missing items, we will contact you to see if you still have  the items. If you are able to return them, you will receive credit for the return and avoid a replacement fee. Items not returned within 8 days after the event will be charged the complete replacement value for all missing items.
  • The replacement costs are as follows:
    • Coat  $400
    • Pants  $150
    • Vest  $100
    • Shoes  $75
    • Shirt  $50
    • Tie  $30
    • Suspenders  $20
    • Pocket Squares  $20
    • Studs and cufflinks $10
    • Garment bag  $20

Our rental collection is only available for rental. But we sell many similar styles at reasonable prices on and in our Friar Tux Shop stores. For a list of locations visit

Yes, this service is available for brides and grooms booking a group of rentals. Please email our Customer Care Center at to request swatches. Make sure to include the name on your order, some notes about your event, address and desired suit/tuxedo/accessory colors and we’ll send them to you.  

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